About us

CRB-CIRIAF is an interdisciplinary research center headquartered in Perugia with a separate branch in S. Apollinare Abbey. The complex represents one of the first example in the world of sustainable village based on the circular economy’s principles. It consists of the first historical building certified GBC HB (Green Building Council – Historical Building) in the world served by high performing systems fed by renewable energy sources. The Village provides engineering, research, and consulting services by allowing users to access adequate equipment, pilot plants, and human resources”



The staff members, which are in charge of conducting the research and teaching activities at the Circular Economy Village of S. Apollinare, includes master and PhD students, researchers, associates and full professors. All of them are highly-skilled on several scientific sectors such as civil, construction, mechanical, and environmental engineering, computer science, chemistry, physic, biotechnology in order to guarantee an interdisciplinary approach.

Prof. Franco Cotana
Prof. Federico Rossi
Prof. Andrea Nicolini
Ing. Gianluca Cavalaglio
Ing. Francesco Strangis
Dott. Emanuele Bonamente
Ing. Alessandro Petrozzi
Ing. Valentina Coccia
Ing. Mattia Manni

Ing. Anna Laura Pisello
Ing. Veronica Lucia Castaldo
Ing. Cristina Piselli
Ing. Ilaria Pigliautile
Ing. Claudia Fabiani
Ing. Sara Rinaldi
Dott.sa Serena Gallicchio
Ing. Elisabetta Anderini
Dott. Luca Fondacci
P.I. Leandro Lunghi
Geom. Fabio Meattelli